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Why is farming difficult in the Atlantic provinces? There are various reasons why farming is difficult in the Atlantic provinces.

Farming in Canada is the base of a lot of industries and it employs about a quarter of Canada’s gainfully occupied population. It is also the base of Canada’s trade and commerce.

Atlantic Provinces in Canada

Atlantic Provinces also called Atlantic Canada is the area of eastern Canada comprising the provinces situated on the Atlantic coast. All except Quebec. The Atlantic Provinces have a special nautical culture associated with sailing and fishing and this makes one wonder why is farming difficult in the Atlantic Provinces?

Although they might not be the best environment for agriculture, the are a pretty decent Canadian neighborhood to live in.

Atlantic Provinces in Canada include;

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Which Province is the Leading Farming Area in Atlantic Canada?

Among the four provinces of Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia has the largest share of farms in Atlantic Canada. The number of farms in Nova Scotia constitute a total of 42%, New Brunswick constitute a total of 32%, Prince Edward Islands 20% while Newfoundland and Labrador is the smallest with 7%.

What are the Atlantic Provinces Popularly known for?

  • It has one of the best whale watching
  • They are known for providing the freshest sea food
  • They are also known for having one of the best beaches
  • The world most photographed lighthouse is situated there
  • They have record breaking tides. You can watch them rise and fall
  • In Atlantic Provinces icebergs are the order of the day. You can literally watch them pass your front door.

Why is farming difficult in the Atlantic Provinces?

There are various reasons why farming is difficult in the Atlantic Provinces. Ranging from the weather conditions in the Atlantic region, to labor shortage and so on. To answer the question “why is farming difficult in the Atlantic provinces?” here are detailed reasons why.

Weather Conditions

This is the first reason why farming is difficult in the Atlantic provinces.

The productivity of farmers can be greatly affected by weather conditions and climate because without appropriate temperature and the right amount of rainfall, farmlands will become barren and crops will fail.

The weather conditions in the Atlantic provinces makes farming really difficult for those who hope to make a living out of farming. In the Atlantic provinces the weather is mostly cold throughout the year with a chance of rain once in a while.

 Climate changes like heavy rain that ends up destroying crops, rising sea levels, storm surges, erosion, shortage of water causing crops to die off, increased precipitation causing water-logged soil, flooding and hurricane tendencies during summer.  


 This is another reason why farming is difficult in the Atlantic Provinces.

The Atlantic provinces are part of the Appalachian mountain range. The area is characterized by plateaus, low rugged hills and intensely jagged coastline. The rocky soil makes it difficult for farmers to grow crops because they have to put in more effort and develop new means of ensuring that they grow healthy crops on such soil.

Insufficient Aid for Farmers

This reason for difficulty in farming in the Atlantic Province is man-made.

Farmers in Atlantic Canada receive very small government Subsidies and when adequate support for farmers from the government is not available, this can result in low productivity of crops.

The government focuses more on other sectors like Oil and Gas, Maritime, Research and Development, Coastal Tourism and Shipping causing the Agricultural sector to slowly die off.

If the farmers are to be provided with mechanized farming equipment and credit facilities, farming would be a lot easier.

Shortage of Laborers

This is another factor affecting farming in the Atlantic region of Canada. This is as a result of the perceived tediousness associated with the job especially in an area such as the Atlantic Provinces.

These factors all contribute to why farming is difficult in the Atlantic provinces of Canada but on the bright side, they open up employment opportunities for foreign workers who do not mind the conditions or difficulty involved thereof.

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