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When does UBC send Acceptance letter

Due to the competitiveness of getting educated in UBC, applicants are always on edge hence the constant question; when does UBC send acceptance letter? This article will provide answers to this.

The University of British Columbia was established in 1908 and it is the oldest university in British Columbia. It is a public research university and it ranks among Canada’s top three university. UBC campuses are located in Kelowna and near Vancouver.

The university of British Columbia is home to a lot of international students. About 44% of doctoral students and 30% of Masters student at UBC are international students.

UBC is a research powerhouse and is mainly concerned with attracting young scientists to into its programs.

Where is UBC situated?

The University of British Columbia’s main campus is located at point grey peninsula’s western tip, close to Vancouver. The second campus, Okanagan campus is located in Kelowna.

Cost of Schooling in UBC

Education in the University of British Columbia does not come cheap, but rest assured you would get quality for your money. The institution provides quality education and outstanding students on annual basis hence the competitive tuition fees.

The location of the university also contributes to the high cost of living while attending the UBC. The institution is located in one of the best neighborhoods in Canada, thereby making the affordability of getting an education in UBC quite worrisome.

UBC Application Requirement

The University of British Columbia has one of the most competitive admission requirements compared to a few other top educational institutions.

Application requirements vary according to certain factors like your degree, and your campus of choice. However, generally speaking, you must meet UBC’s general admission requirements and the English Language Admission Standard.

Approved English Tests to take when applying to UBC

If you are applying from a university outside Canada where English is not a primary language of instruction, you would definitely need proof of English Language proficiency. Note that this test result must not be older than a year else it will be regarded invalid.

 Acceptable English tests include:

  • UBC English Language Institute
  • International English Language Testing Services (IELTS)
  • Pearson Test of English- Academic (PTE)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)

Application process for UBC

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about the application process for UBC

  • Ensure that you meet all basic requirement before applying
  • Fill and submit the online application form
  • Be sure to pay the $73 application fee
  • Submit all documents
  • Keep checking your application status

Causes of Unsuccessful Applications

There are various reasons why your application process might be unsuccessful, they include;

Failure to meet the application deadline

if you submit your application after the deadline set by the institution, you would definitely not be getting an admission letter. So, ensure to submit your application before the deadline.

Incomplete application

if you do not provide all the necessary requirements which includes application fees, transcript, reference letter and other required documents, your application will not be processed.


The institution is well known for its competitiveness, if after completing the application process accurately and submitting before the deadline you still did not get an admission letter, it means that there are other students with more outstanding performance than yours.

When does UBC send Acceptance Letters?

When it comes to Admission of students, UBC is quite strict with that and they only admit students with outstanding previous performance. The institution does not offer admission on the basis of early application. They take their time to select the best among the multitude of applicants.

UBC usually sends out admission letters between January to April.

Nevertheless, do not panic if you do not get an admission letter by April, some students reject admissions offered to them thereby opening up new spots to be filled.

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