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Web Developer Job in Canada- Requirement, Payment, Application

Web developer job in Canada ranks among the high in demand jobs in Canada which is probably due to the high salary attached to the job position.

A web developer is a professional who specializes in developing applications relating to either the world wide web or distributed network applications. A web developer focuses on the back end or programming sense of website creation or web application.

A common mistake associated with web developer jobs in Canada or even generally, is that they are often confused with web designers.

The job description of a web developer entails building and maintaining the core structure of a website whilst that of a web designer is concerned with designing the layout, usability and general aesthetics of the website.

Web developer job in Canada are high in demand due to expansion demand and replacement demand, so if you are looking to immigrate to Canada as a web developer, you sure are on the right track.

what skills do you need as a web developer?

To be qualified as a web developer, there are certain skills you should have mastery of. Skills like

Computer literacy: this is the first and most important skill a web developer should possess else he or she cannot qualify as a web developer.

Other skills include paying attention to detail, strong numeracy skills, strong communication skills, strong creative ability, logical approach to work, problem solving skills, a keen interest in technology, ability to clearly explain technical matter, amongst others.

How much do web developers in Canada earn?

Generally speaking, Web developers earn quite a substantial amount to live a really comfortable life. The average salary attached to web developer jobs in Canada is $59,533 annually. 

What are the requirements for a web developer job in Canada?

There are certain requirements attached to securing a job position in any field, web developer jobs are not exempted. These requirements may vary according to the organization hiring but there are the basic ones to note.

Fortunately, the requirement to secure a web developer job in Canada is quite minimal, there are only two basic requirement which are

  • A degree (preferably Bachelors degree) in computer science or any other related field.
  • Ample experience in the said field i.e experience as a web developer.

These are the basic requirement, as stated earlier, requirements vary according to organizations. Some organization might want a physically present web developer who reports to the office everyday or on scheduled days of the week, while others may allow the developer work remotely.

In the scenario that the company hiring wants a web developer that reports physically to work, and you are applying as a foreign national, you would have to immigrate to Canada to secure that job offer. 

How to apply for a web developer job in Canada

Here are a few guidelines when applying for a web developer job in Canada

Research the company

the first step in applying for a web developer job is researching the company, find out about their previous works so you can tailor your cover letter according to their needs. This will up your chances.

Quantify your accomplishment

be sure to back up your achievements with facts and data where necessary, this would help show the impact of your work as a web developer.

Showcase your work

you can include a link to your online portfolio if you have one, this is a great way to showcase your experience as a web developer.

keep it brief

your cover letter should be concise, as a developer your cover letter should be an average of 200-300 words. Include only the relevant information.

Edit and proofread

do not forget to go through your application for grammatical errors or misspelling.

These steps should serve as a guide in preparing an application for a web developer job in Canada.

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