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Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Lots of foreign nationals from around the world desire for ways to immigrate to Canada in search of greener pastures. However, the processes involved in immigrating to Canada is not quite the bed of roses some think it to be. 

While some of the processes may seem stressful and difficult, some are quite easy, so it’s best to simply follow the one that works with your purpose for immigrating, available documents, and timing.

ways to immigrate to canada

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Family Class Sponsorship 

This is a situation whereby a family member who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada sponsors a family member who is a foreign national to immigrate to Canada. 

All you need is an adult family member who is ready to stand in as your sponsor and your appropriate documents. Recently, however, family class sponsorship has been limited to spouses and children under the age of 22. Parents and grandparents are no longer a part of this scheme.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The provincial nominee program is steadily becoming one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Canada due to its fast-track process. The PNP route came up as a result of provinces in Canada developing their own immigration programs.

 Immigrants using this route however must be prepared to reside in the respective province through which their immigration was processed and oftentimes require a job from a Canadian employer.

The Express Entry Program 

This includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP), and The Canadian Experience Class.

 These programs are designed to allow the CIC ( citizenship and immigration Canada) to select, assess and recruit skilled immigrants who are rightly qualified under the federal economic immigration programs mentioned above.

 Access to this system is also granted to provinces to recruit skilled hands in order to meet the demands of the labor market. 

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LMIA Work Visa

Under this mode of entry, the aspiring immigrant must have secured a job offer in Canada and then apply for a work visa on the basis of that job.

 After that, the Canadian employer would apply for LMIA through service Canada after which the immigrant applies for a work permit. This process might seem a bit tedious but it does lead to permanent residency. 

Canadian Investor Immigration 

This mode of immigration is designed for individuals of high net worth. People who are qualified to invest in the Canadian economy and its overall growth. 

There are two programs under this category which is the Quebec program and the Federal Investor Program.

 Applicants however must make a lump sum investment in an investment fund that has been approved by the Canadian government for a period of five years.

 Under this program spouses and children are allowed depending on the kind of application.

IEC – International Experience Canada

The International Experience Canada is also known as a working holiday. This process involves immigrating with an open work permit, the same as saying you don’t need a job offer!

 As beautiful as that sounds, this program is age restrictive and also only open to residents or citizens of a few selected countries, some of which include Austria, Australia, Croatia, Belgium, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and a few others.

 Age-wise, 18- 35 years is the standard age for qualification, although some of these countries limit theirs to 30 years. 

Your work on a working holiday can serve as a qualification for permanent residency in some immigration programs like the CEC, the Federal Skilled worker of trade programs, and semi-skilled workers programs.

Spousal Sponsorship 

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to gain entry and permanent residency in Canada. Canadian immigration policy is a lot more relaxed and favorable when it comes to reuniting families, especially spouses. 

However, rigorous cross-checking will be done to expose cases of sham marriages which are on the rise as a result of the lax in this process.

Study Permit 

This immigration process is designed for students who have gained admission into tertiary institutions in Canada. Having gained admission, such students would have to apply for a study permit, that’s the first step.

 To acquire permanent residency, it is important to check the provincial nominee program where your university is located to know what it takes to get permanent residency. This should be done before choosing the university though.

 Usually, it takes a job offer after you graduate and the willingness to remain in such a province to attain that but it’s best to be sure by carrying out your research. 

Visitor Visa

This is one way to get into the country if the only other way is getting a job and a work permit.

 This way, you enter the country as a visitor on vacation, and while you’re at it make a few connections and get to know your way around so that once you get back to your country of residence you can begin processing your application for a job and subsequently a work permit having got firsthand information.

Trade Agreements

This process of immigration is open only to a few countries. Countries like the USA, Costa Rica, Israel, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Panama, Jordan, Mexico, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Colombia, and  Iceland. 

This process is also open to member countries of the European Union, Trans-pacific partnership, and GATS (General Agreements on Trades and Services).

 This agreement is designed in such a way that it allows one to work for a parent company or branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of your company in Canada. 

The agreement allows for the intracompany transfer and you’ll be granted what is known as a NAFTA visa.

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Here you have them! 10 different ways to immigrate to Canada, it’s now left for you to decide which one is more favorable for you based on your qualifications, skills, and\or your location. Good luck! 

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