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Vancouver job market- The Labor Market Structure

There are a lot of things you should know about Vancouver job market and her labor market structure if you are looking to get a job in the vicinity.

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada. It is located in the lower mainland region of Columbia and is the most populated city in the province.

Although Vancouver is one of the most comfortable cities to live in, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada as the cost of living there is high coupled with the high rate of unemployment.

Despite Vancouver’s thriving economy, job seekers still find it very difficult to secure jobs in the Vancouver job market space. The reasons are not far-fetched and would be stated in the course of this article.  

Just as the city’s varying ethnicity, so also is her job market. The Vancouver job market has various job opportunities in different industries like Agriculture, Health, Education, Tourism, Technology and so on.

What you should know about Vancouver job market

There are a few factors worthy of note with regards to the Vancouver job market. These should help one familiarize with everything about Vancouver Labor market structure.

Vancouver Labor Market is highly competitive

This is the first thing someone seeking for a job in Vancouver should know. You should be ready to compete with competent and highly skilled Canadians. The Vancouver job market is very competitive and only the best and well informed can secure the job opportunities abound there.

Fortunately, with LMO and work permit, getting a job would be a lot more achievable.

Tech-jobs are high in demand in Vancouver

By now, it should be no news that tech jobs are high in demand almost everywhere you go, same as Vancouver. Currently, there is a skill shortage in this industry in Vancouver so as a job seeker, this should help guide your career choice.

Vancouver has a hidden Job Market

As a job seeker looking to secure a job in Vancouver, you should not rely solely on social media platforms. There are a lot of job opportunities especially high-ranking job opportunities that are not posted on social media, job platforms or employer websites.

Filling such positions are usually done by referrals, word of mouth, recruitment agencies and networking.

Industries in Vancouver with high Employment Rate

In the Vancouver job market, there are some industries that have a higher employment rate compared to their counterpart.  These industries include the following

Green Technology Companies

Some Jobs under this industry include

  • Solar installers
  • Conservation Scientists
  • Energy Engineers
  • Recycling workers
  • Farm managers
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Energy Analysts
  • Environmental health and safety specialist
  • Forest and Conservation Technicians
  • Geoscientists

Service Industry

Some sectors under this industry include

  • Healthcare
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Design
  • Consulting and Staffing
  • Management
  • Information 
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Culture
  • Education

Creative Industry

Jobs under this industry include the likes of;

  • Architect
  • Fashion Designer
  • Art Director
  • Interior Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Jeweler
  • Cartoonist
  • Photographer
  • Sculptor
  • Animator

The Best Way to find a Job in Vancouver

Asides knowing the high in demand jobs in Vancouver job market, and knowing the industries that are more likely to employ due to high employment rate, there are also certain things you as a job seeker needs to work on to ensure that you secure that job you are going for.

Below are steps a job seeker should adhere to in order to stand out among other qualified competitors.

  1. The first step is to create a unique resume and cover letter that distinguishes you from your peers.
  2. Secondly, you should consider learning skills that are most in demand as your job hunt is more likely to be successful in such fields
  3. Master your career field, there would be no room for mediocrity and only the best would end up being selected.
  4. Update your social media platforms like your LinkedIn profile and ensure you connect with job recruiters in Vancouver.
  5. Ensure that your job hunt is not limited to social media. Build quality networks, ask for referrals from highly placed friends, and try as much as possible to connect with recruiters in Vancouver.

This information should help you in forming an idea on how the Vancouver job market is, what you should expect and what is expected of you as a job seeker in Vancouver.

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