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Questions to ask an Immigrant- Immigration Interview Project

While planning to immigrate to another country, you should prepared for your immigration interview by being familiar with the questions to ask an immigrant.

While preparing for your immigration interview, asides questions, there are other factors you should take into consideration else your question and answer session will have little or no effect. These factors include the following.

Ensure your documents are complete

It is important that your documents are complete and up to date to ensure a smooth interview. These documents are the most important part of your interview that means If you have problems with any of your documents, it will affect your immigration interview.

In order to avoid this, make sure all your documents contain accurate information and are up to date. Come with the original document and photocopies of all the documents you were asked to bring.

It is advisable to rearrange your documents the night before your interview to make sure you are not leaving anything out.

Dress appropriately

Another important factor that determines how your immigration interview goes is your dress sense. While rehearsing questions to ask an immigrant, how you dress plays a great role in your interview.

Ensure that you are properly dressed while going for your interview, this would allow your interviewer regard you with respect.

Follow Instructions

You should follow instructions given to you to the latter, this also determines how your interview would go. Provide precise information upon query. Do not give less than you are asked and also do not provide more information than is required of you.


The confidence with which you answer questions plays a vital role in determining whether you are truthful or not. Your interviewer would be watching you closely so endeavor not to show any sign of nervousness or anything of the sort.

Listen carefully

During your question and answer session, learn to listen attentively so you can answer your questions correctly. Avoid any form of distractions, pay close attention to your interviewer so as not to miss out on any part of the question.

Prepare the questions

It is very important that you have an idea of the kind of questions you will most likely be asked, so that you will be ready with an answer. You should be familiar with questions to ask immigrants.

This now brings us to likely interview questions. Below I’ll be making a list of questions to ask an immigrant.

Questions to ask an immigrant

The likely questions to ask an immigrant are as follows

What is your name?

As simple as it sounds this is one of the questions you will be asked. You should answer confidently so as not to be perceived as a liar. The information you are providing should be in line with what is on your document.


You would be asked of your age, state your age calmly and confidently. Ensure that it aligns with what is on your birth certificate.

Your destination?

This is one of the questions to ask an immigrant, you would definitely be asked where you are going or the country you are travelling to.

Who are you going with?

you would also be asked about who you plan on travelling with. Are you travelling alone? With someone? If yes you should state your relationship with the person.

Marital status?

What is your marital status? Are you single? Are you married? Divorced? You would be required to state your marital status and you should answer accordingly.

Family members?

This is also part of the questions to ask an immigrant. You would be asked about your family members if any.

Where do you stay in your home country?

Questions about your place of residence would be asked. You would be required to answer in details. If you stay alone or with people could be friends, or family members state accordingly.

Where are you going to stay?

You would be asked where you are going to live in the country you are travelling to. Are you going to stay with a friend? Or a family member? A hotel? Do you have confirmed hotel bookings?

Where do you work?

You would be required to provide information on your place of work. Several questions about your workplace would be asked, ensure to answer in details.

What is the purpose of your visit?

This is definitely one of the questions to ask an immigrant in an immigration interview. What are you travelling for? Are you going there for holidays? Or for work purposes?

What is the duration of your visit?

How long will you be there for?  Is it a permanent or temporary visit? If it is the latter, State the time of you return.

Do you have relatives outside your home country?

You would be asked if you have any living relatives outside your country of residence. If any, you are required to state who and what country the said relative resides.

Here you have it! This is a list of questions to ask an immigrant, so if you are an immigrant preparing for immigration interview, the above list can help you familiarize with questions you should be prepared to answer.

Of course, this is not all the possible questions you might be asked, you might also be asked a string of random questions like where you had your wedding if you are married, what kind of food was served and so on.

Bear in mind that whatever information you are providing orally would be checked with the documents you provided so be very careful not to make a mistake as even the slightest mistake could result in you failing the interview.  

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