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LMO Careers- How to grow your career with LMO

Presently, having an LMO gives you an edge and temporary foreign workers who are looking to grow their LMO careers should take advantage of this.

LMO is an acronym for Labor Market Opinion, it is a document that states that hiring a foreign worker would have positive or no effect at all on the Canadian Labor Market. This is done to ensure that employment of a foreign worker has no negative effect on Canada labor market.  This process is usually carried out by the ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada).

 This document is currently known as LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) and it comes in handy for foreign nationals who looking to grow their LMO careers.  As a Temporary foreign worker, you must receive an LMO in order to receive a temporary work permit, the only way this step can be by-passed is if you are permitted.

How Long Would It Take To Process an LMO?

 Preparing an application for LMO and receiving it takes a minimum of 10 business days. This however, applies to high in demand jobs, jobs with short duration work period usually less than 4 months and for jobs that offer wages in the top 10% wages earned by Canadians in that territory.

LMO application should be carried out with utmost care because refusal can happen for a simple mistake such as clerical errors. Two LMO application cannot be the same as every employment situation is unique.

Growing LMO careers requires that you are well informed of the high in demand LMO careers in Canada. Here is a list of some of them.

What are the high in demand LMO careers in Canada?

Due to the recent restrictions caused by the pandemic, in order to observe due protocols, certain occupations are now prioritized over others in most provinces in Canada and these occupations comes with less scrupulous application process.

Construction Managers

Construction Managers is one of the high in demand LMO careers in Canada. Provinces in Canada such as Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have vast opportunities for construction workers in Canada. The average salary of a Construction Manager ranges from $92,240 – $142,000 CAD.

Software Engineers

It is of course no news that the technology sector has witnessed an increase in demand for workers as a result of the pandemic and everything being digitized there is a need to fill in these shortages. Cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development are on the list of high in demand LMO careers in Canada. Alberta and British Columbia are the best provinces for software engineers.

The average salary of a Software Engineer is $75,596 – $102,000 CAD

Oil and Gas Drillers

Canada as a country is rich in natural minerals, the mining sector therefore has a high employment rate. This is one of the LMO careers that are high in demand and comes with a high salary too. The average salary of an Oil and Gas driller is $67,394 – $103,594 CAD.

 Web Designers

This ongoing pandemic has created a need for more online platforms which in turn increased the need for more tech professionals. Web designers fall under this category and it is one of the fast growing LMO careers in Canada and would remain so in years to come as companies are shifting from physical to digitized workspace.

The average salary of a Web Designer is $45,825 – $77,903 CAD.

Registered Nurse

The need for experienced and qualified healthcare providers in Canada with Registered nurses topping the list, has made this profession a high in demand LMO career. As a Registered Nurse, you can choose to work in the private sector or for the government, either way, you are entitled to a sizeable pay.

The average salary of a Registered Nurse is $80,126 – $94,322 CAD

Care Givers

16% of Canada’s population is well over the age of 65 and it is estimated that more than 20% of the population will be over the age of retirement in another decade. This places Care Givers at an advantage and makes the job position one of the high in demand LMO careers now and in years to come.

The average salary earned by a Care Giver ranges from $31,955 – $58,000 CAD


Provinces like Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Yukon and the Northwest Territories have a high demand for Electricians. This is because the construction sector has high demand for laborers and electricians are not left out. This makes the job position a befitting LMO career to look into.

The average salary of an Electrician is $66,300 – 84,008 CAD

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers are high in demand in Canada especially in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. This job offer also attracts a sizeable pay and it is one of the LMO careers to look out for.

The average salary a Civil Engineer earns is about $66,843 – $102,000 CAD.

This information should be helpful in growing your LMO career as it serves as a guide when looking out for career paths. This list contains not all but some of the high in demand LMO careers to venture into.

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