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How To Spot A fake Permanent Resident Card

There are various tips on how to spot a fake Permanent Resident card, they would be outlined in the course of this article.

A Permanent Resident Card is a proof of permanent residency and also a travel document for permanent residents of Canada. It is one of the methods through which Canadian residents can prove their status. It grants an immigrant the right to live and work in Canada.

After issuance of the PR card, it is usually valid for 5 years. Only in rare cases would you find a PR card that is valid for 1 year and this happens when the PR status of an immigrant is being assessed by the IRCC. The expiry date is usually written on the card.

Which Body is Responsible for issuing the Canadian PR card?

All Permanent Resident Cards are issued by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

What do I need to get a Canadian PR Card?

There are certain requirements an applicant must meet to get a Canadian permanent resident card. They include;

Financial Capability

As an applicant, you must be financially stable enough to support your application and live comfortably in Canada. You must provide proof of adequate funds to support this claim.

Educational Credentials Assessment

Applicants for Canadian PR card must provide Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) Report for proof of proper education. This is necessary only when an applicant has his/her education outside Canada.

Original Copies of all Documents

You must provide original copies of all documents required of you upon request. Also, you are required to provide official translation of documents supporting your application.

Educational Degrees

All applicants must provide educational degrees and certificates when applying for a Canadian PR card.

Language Test Result

Applicants are required to provide proof of language proficiency in either English Language or French Language. You are to provide language test results from an approved body.

Skills Assessment Test

Skills Assessment Tests are used to measure the abilities of both job applicants and already employed staffs. Applicants for Canadian PR cards should undergo this test.

How Can I Apply for Permanent Resident Card?

There are five main categories to consider under which you can apply for permanent residency. It is up to you to select the one that fits your unique profile. They include;

  • Express Entry Program
  • Family Class Immigration
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Business Immigration
  • Program for Provincial Nominees

How to Spot A Fake Permanent Resident Card

Unlike the original PR cards, the forged ones are not done with standardized equipment making it easy to spot a fake PR card.  Here are the basics on how to spot a fake permanent resident card.

Poor Picture Quality

This is one of the markers of a fake PR card. The originals usually come with sound photo quality.

Unusual Color Pattern

This is another tip on how to spot a fake permanent resident card. Once you notice an unusual color pattern on the PR card, it is more often than not a forged copy.

Missing Information

Forged PR cards are usually missing relevant biographical information. Watch out for this when looking to spot fake PR cards.

Ink Smears or Smudges

This is yet another tip on how to spot a fake permanent resident card. If there are ink smears or smudges on the card, it is more often than not a fake card.


This is the most common tip on how to spot a fake permanent resident card. If your PR card is legal, once you receive it and notice such errors, you should immediately file it for corrections.

While these are not all the markers of a fake PR card, they are the basics on how to spot a fake permanent resident card. Foreign nationals looking to immigrate to Canada should also be mindful of these markers.

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