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Golden Touch Transportation Jobs – 10 Positions

Golden Touch Transportation jobs are available at all levels. The company was formed by Tom Herrschaft in the year 2008 is a transportation company that operates in New York. Golden Touch Transportation is located at Springfield Gardens, New York and is responsible for supplying over 97 commercial air carriers.

Golden Touch Transportation provides ground transportation services that are within New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area with a diversified fleet of vehicles. Also, rental services are provided and they are fast and reliable throughout the New York vicinity.

GTT is a part of the Travel Arrangement and Reservation Service industry and the company has about 150 employees across its location

Golden Touch Transportation jobs are open to applicants who meet the stipulated requirement.

Benefits of Choosing Golden Touch Transportation Company

  • GTT enables simple and quick reservations online, this can be done with your phone or any other mobile device.
  • With Golden Touch Transportation, you can book SuperShuttle and other low-cost transportation providers.
  • GTT boasts of an amazing and top-notch customer service. You are privileged to speak with a real person unlike some customer care services where you have recorded voices.
  • Another benefit if choosing GTT is that you get the best rates. Their rates match or beat any other website.

How Much do Employees at Golden Touch Transportation Earn?

An average staff of Golden Touch Transportation Company earns about $40,775 as an average annual salary, although Golden Touch Transportation jobs salary vary according to rank and position.

The bigger the positions the bigger the salary, for instance, operators, business development managers, sales representatives, and other high-ranking positions receive higher salaries than their lower counterparts.

Golden Touch Transportation jobs including the likes of waitress, personal care worker is also considered very well nevertheless, their salaries are not up to that of a manager.

 Golden Touch Transportation Jobs – 10 Positions Available

This is a list of 10 golden Touch transportation jobs and how much salary is attached to each. Before you proceed, kindly note that this list is not in any particular order.


This is one of the highly ranked Golden Touch Transportation job positions. The operator at GTT earns an average of $208,246

Business Development Manager

A business development manager working for Golden Touch Transportation company earns an average of $83,813

Sales Representative

If you are looking to get a job as a sales representative at GTT, you should be prepared to earn about $81,928

Office Manager

Office managers at Golden Touch Transportation Company earn at least $63,717

Account Executive

Working as an account executive at GTT entails that you handle and coordinate the company figures. Accounts executives at GTT usually earn about $63,360

Network Administrators

The average salary of a network administrator working for GTT is about $58,540


Surprisingly, these set of workers at Golden Touch Transportation company earn an average of $55,162

Transportation Driver

Transportation drivers working for GTT earn an average salary of about $54,746


These set of workers at Golden Touch Transportation company are responsible for edibles. Chefs working for GTT are paid about $54,175

Design Technician

This job position attracts an average salary of about $53,377

Other Golden Touch Transportation jobs include; Assistant designers, interns, catering associates, production coordinator, operations coordinator, graphic artists, data entry associates, sweater designers, compliance specialists, bookkeeper and bus driver.

Securing a Golden Touch Transportation job might not have been hassle-free before but it is even more difficult now. It is no news that the covid-19 pandemic that resulted in a lockdown affected a lot of businesses, well GTT was not left out.

Being a transportation company, it was greatly affected and a good number of employees were laid off. If you are looking to get a job at GTT, best believe it would take a lot of effort and patience.

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