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ECA Test Passing Score – What Score You Need To Pass

One of the requirements for migrating to Canada is the ECA Test passing score. ECA stands for Educational Credential Assessment.

An Educational Credential Assessment is used to verify that your foreign certificate, degree or diploma is valid and equivalent to its Canadian counterpart. An ECA is required for immigration through Express Entry.

Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program is an online system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for Canadian permanent residency to fill the labor gaps through certain economic immigration programs.

The Express Entry Program provides a platform for foreign skilled workers to have access to job opportunities in Canada.

 To be eligible for Express Entry, there are some basic requirements you need to meet; Age, Language Skills, Education, Skill Transferability, Canadian work experience or other any other work experience, online registration and a host of other factors.

 Your ECA test passing score will help boost your Express Entry profile and increase your chances of being selected.

What is an ECA?

As stated earlier, ECA is what validates the certificates of foreign nationals looking to migrate to Canada through Express Entry. ECA’s are of different types and they deal in Immigration purposes, Licensure, Employment and Higher and Continuing Education.

Who needs an ECA?

If you are not a citizen of Canada and you had your education outside Canada then you need an ECA especially if you are looking to immigrate through the Express Entry program.

Why is ECA important?

The importance of ECA cannot be overemphasized, this is because the Canadian Government does not consider any Education completed outside Canada legit. Hence the reason for the validation process.

You need an ECA to be Eligible as the principal applicant for Express Entry. You can also use it to earn point for your spouse’s education if they are migrating to Canada with you.

Who is responsible for conducting an ECA?

The assessment must be carried out by an organization or professional body approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This organization will provide you with a report that shows what your foreign education is equivalent to in Canada.

This organization will guide you step by step on how to submit your documents and get your assessment.

What does your ECA report mean?

Your report shows if your foreign credential is valid and the Canadian credential it is equal to. If your credentials are valid, you must include your result and reference number in your Express Entry.  

If your credentials do not equate to a completed Canadian credential, or if the institution where you studied is not recognized, you won’t meet the educational requirement under the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP).

 You won’t get points if any of the above stated issues is your case and this would reduce your ECA test passing score.

What is the ECA Test Passing Score?

The ECA test passing score is the total points you get after going through the Educational Credential Assessment.

The ECA test passing score was put in place to estimate and evaluate the educational qualifications of foreign nationals in the Express Entry Program.

Completing an ECA provides an additional 150 points to your CRS score which is your comprehensive ranking score. This however, depends on your highest level of education.

The required ECA test passing score is 320, scoring higher would of course increase your chances.

As a foreign national wanting to move and get a job in Canada, going through Express Entry is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada and you ECA test passing score helps to boost your Express Entry profile which in turn enhances your chances of being selected.

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