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How to Apply for Canadian Residence Permit

Canadian residence permit is issued to a foreign national who immigrates to Canada and has been given permanent residency status by the Canadian government having met the requirement. Permanent residents are usually citizens of other countries and NOT Canadian citizens.

Foreign nationals who happen to reside temporarily in Canada as a result of work or study and wish to live permanently can do so with the acquisition of a Canadian Residence Permit. 

There are several avenues to choose from, you could apply for a Canadian residence permit through a province of your choice, apply through Quebec which has special immigration requirements, or through family class sponsorship. 

Below are some popularly asked questions about Canadian Residence Permit.

How long does application and processing of Canadian residence permit take?

It takes approximately 45 days to process Canadian Residence Permit card for new permanent residents. To get to this level, IRCC must have received your complete application package which can only be accepted if you’ve fulfilled your residency requirements. 

Application for renewal of Canadian residence permit takes about 104 days.

Can I stay in Canada while waiting for my permanent resident permit?

Very much so. You can await your permanent residency whilst residing in Canada so long as you maintain your legal status. It is very important to ensure that your temporary resident status stays valid while you’re awaiting your PR card. 

When am I eligible for permanent residency?

  • You have to be physically present in Canada
  • You shouldn’t be a Canadian citizen
  • Ensure you are not convicted for misuse of PR card or any related offense if not renewal would be impossible
  • You must reside in Canada

How much does permanent resident permit cost?

The total cost incurred by applying and processing Canadian Residence Permit is a sum total of all the necessary fees you have to pay. These fees vary according to the program through which you applied.

How to apply for Canadian residence permit

Here are the important steps to follow when applying for Canadian Residence Permit.

Confirm eligibility status

You have to ensure that you’re eligible to apply which is made possible when you meet the requirements. These requirements vary according to the program with which you are applying.

For instance, if you are applying for a Canadian residence permit through family class sponsorship, the first requirement you must meet is having a family member residing permanently in Canada, this, however, is not required if you are applying through the Quebec program. 

Get the Application Package

This application is found on the IRCC website where you apply for your Canadian residence permit online except in special cases like a parent or grandparent sponsorship, and express entry programs where you are invited to apply in person. 

Fill out the forms on the application package and ensure to attach all the necessary documents to your application. Sometimes there are deadlines attached to application categories e.g the parent/ grandparent sponsorship. 

Pay the required fees

When applying for a Canadian residence permit, there are some fees you must pay to avoid delay in processing your application or worst-case scenario, rejection of your application. These fees include 

  • Biometrics fee 
  •  Processing fee
  • Right of permanence residence fee

Submit your document 

After completing your application and compiling all the necessary documents, mail it to IRCC using the given mail.

Follow these steps to make your application for Canadian residence permit stress-free. Bon chance!

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