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Canadian Neighborhood – Best places in Canada

Living in a nice neighborhood sure has a positive effect on individuals more than they realize, staying in a nice Canadian Neighborhood would have this same effect on any resident.

Either as a foreign national immigrating to Canada or a citizen who is looking to relocate to a different city, deciding on which Canadian neighborhood to reside depends on various factors. There are different elements that influences the choice you make at the end of the day.

These factors that influence which Canadian neighborhood you deem fit to live in includes your job, suitable weather conditions, view, your personality, family, length of stay, cost of living and a host of others.

If you work remotely then you have one less factor to worry about as you can carry out your duties in the comfort of your home in whichever Canadian neighborhood you want, but if you don’t, your workplace plays a huge role in deciding your city of residence as it is most likely to be in the neighborhood where your workplace is situated.

Other minor factors to consider like weather conditions, the kind of environment you like; if you like neighborhoods with large population or a sparsely populated area, family; if you have children where you would rather they grew up.

The kind of view you like; if you’re a city person or you prefer the country view, Length of stay; if it’s just a temporary relocation or a permanent one, cost of living; how affordable the rent is, how pricey groceries are e.t.c

 These all adds up to influence whether or not you would like to reside in a particular Canadian neighborhood.

Below is a list of beautiful Canadian neighborhoods to live in taking into consideration the factors listed above. 

Best Canadian Neighborhood

Boucherville, Quebec

This neighborhood is best for rural escapes. If you are a lover of adventure and the great outdoors then this is definitely the place for you. With its large landscapes, feral wildlife and numerous national parks, it is most likely the best Canadian neighborhood for outdoor lovers.

Edmonton, Alberta

If you are looking for the best Canadian neighborhood to raise children then this is definitely the best choice for you. This city unarguably houses most of the best kid schools in Canada so rest assured quality education for your children is certain.

 On the fun side, Edmonton boasts of a giant mall with lots of pleasure spots adored and frequented by children.  

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is situated at the coastal peninsula of Nova Scotia. If you are on a low budget, this is the best Canadian neighborhood for you as it is known for its affordable properties. As a matter of fact, it is known as the least expensive city in Canada.

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is well known for its rich culture. Situated in Quebec, the eastern province of Canada, this Canadian neighborhood is suitable for individuals who are culturally oriented. Parts of Quebec City has been declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Burlington, Ontario

This city is best for its favorable climate this means that individuals looking to escape the freezing weather in Canada should consider Burlington as the best Canadian neighborhood for them.

 Although it is impossible to totally escape the freezing weather in Canada, this city is much friendlier climate-wise.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is often mistaken as the capital of Canada probably because it is Canada’s financial and cosmopolitan Hub. This city is so far the overall best for job opportunities. This city boasts of housing most of the biggest banks in Canada, the Toronto stock exchange and the CN tower.

 There are lots of job opportunities here so for job seekers, this is definitely the best Canadian neighborhood for you.

The information provided above will help your narrow your choices on which Canadian neighborhood you would like to reside in.

Note that the decision on which is the best Canadian neighborhood solely depends on the individual as one person’s ‘yay!’ could be someone else’s ‘never’ based on their wants.

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