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Canada Express Entry Program

Canada express entry program is one online program that has made moving to Canada a whole lot easier. Although there is an eligibility status you must meet, the program gives one a better chance of immigrating to Canada or acquiring permanent residency. 

What is Canada express entry program?

The Canada express entry program is one that organizes and processes applications for eligible candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada or acquire permanent residency. 

It is an online system used to manage permanent residency applications from skilled workers. This process of immigration is actually one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. 

Who is eligible for Canada express entry program?

In order to qualify for Canada express entry program, you must meet the following standards.

  • You must possess a university degree or in the stead of that, a college degree.
  • You must have substantial knowledge of a skill alongside your degree
  • You must be less than 30 years
  • Proficiency in english language or french language or both 

You meet these basic standards, you are deemed eligible for Canada express entry program. Also, candidates who qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) are also eligible for Canada express entry program. 

What are the basic requirements?

Generally, there are some basic requirements a skilled worker has to meet up with in order to be eligible for Canada express entry program.

  • First you have to have at least one year of continuous full time practice in your area of expertise within the last 10 years. Sometimes part time experience is also allowed when it results in an equal amount of service when measured against a full time practice. 
  • Secondly you have to adequately demonstrate on an approved language test in either French or english. A minimum of seven CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 
  • You are also required to have completed post secondary education assessed against Canadian standards with an Educational Credential Assessment.

The above mentioned are the minimum requirements for Canada express entry program. This does not in any way guarantee you a sure invitation to apply for permanent residency as candidates who have stronger profiles will always be selected over candidates who just meet the minimum requirement. 

All candidates who enter the pool will be given a CRS score and those who rank higher will definitely be selected and given an invitation to apply over those whose scores are lower. 

Factors that can influence one’s CRS score include language proficiency, level of work experience, age, Canadian connections and education. 

How to apply for Canada express entry Program

There are steps an applicant must follow when applying for Canada express entry program. These steps are as follows

Confirm your eligibility status

This is the first step to applying for express entry. You need to confirm your eligibility status before proceeding to create an express entry profile. 

There is an online tool for this purpose that works by generating a series of questions for the applicant. 

Once your eligibility status is confirmed, you can proceed with the next step.

Language test

Having confirmed that you are eligible for the program, the next step to follow is enrolling for a language test in either English or French in accordance with Canadian standards.  

As an applicant, you must complete a government-approved language to test the result of which must be included in your profile. 

Get your educational credentials assessed 

If you had your education outside Canada, you need to get your credentials assessed to a similar Canadian education this means you must provide your ECA report.

This step is not compulsory if you are applying under the federal skilled trade program or Canadian experience class. 

Build a profile 

Once you have been declared eligible for the program, you can start setting up your profile. You are to provide information such as your age, contact information, family composition, identity, educational history, work experience, language proficiency, information on your spouse ( if any ) amongst others. 

Submit your profile

After creating your profile and filling in the necessary information, you are to click on the submit button which automatically sends your application to IRCC. After this, you will receive an express entry profile number and a job seeker validation code. 

If your profile meets all the requirements, you will be placed in the express entry pool. It is important to note that placement in the express entry pool does not necessarily guarantee one’s invitation to apply for permanent residency. 

You only get an invitation if your CRS score meets or passes the lowest score set by the IRCC for an express entry draw.

Regularly update your profile

This is the final step to put into consideration. Constantly check your profile and add new information as they arise. For instance, there is a change in your family composition due to birth, marriage, death e.t.c update your profile in that aspect. 

Updating your profile could also improve your point. For example, you get a new language test result or your work experience improves, these additional qualifications could help boost your points. 

Note that your express entry profile is valid for one year. That is to say, if you are not invited to apply within the period of one year after creating your profile, IRCC will delete your profile from the pool. 

Also, your profile could be rendered invalid before a year if it no longer meets the relevant express entry criteria. 

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