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Brunswick Newcomers – What to Expect

New Brunswick houses some of the country’s most beautiful cities and center of attraction that being so, Brunswick newcomers are in for a treat.

About New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick is located in the eastern part of Canada beside the state of Maine under Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula and it is the third smallest province in Canada. New Brunswick covers an area of 72,908 yet it is the most populous province in Canada.

New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that has two official languages; French and English.

The province has one the best Canadian Neighborhoods and Brunswick newcomers either visiting or relocating to New Brunswick will have no regrets as the province is laced with enticing perks here and there from the beautiful scenery to affordable lifestyle and free healthcare services.

5 Must Visit Spots for Brunswick Newcomers

For temporary visitors who would not be residing in New Brunswick, here are the top five spots to visit.

Bay of Fundy

This is one of the many attraction centers that makes the province of New Brunswick appealing to tourists. Located between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the bay has the highest tidal range in the world. This place is a must visit for Brunswick Newcomers.

Hopewell rocks

This is another must visit location for Brunswick Newcomers. Hopewell rocks are found on the upper shores of the Bay of Fundy. They are about 40-70 feet tall. The Hopewell rocks are also known as Flowerpots rocks.

Kingsbrae Garden

The scenery here is beyond beautiful, this is definitely a must visit site for Brunswick newcomers who love nature. It is located at 220 king street, by St. Andrews-by-the-sea.

The garden houses peacocks, a cedar maze, ponds, a windmill, an apple orchard, woodland trails, two beautifully detailed historic playhouses, formal terraces, a heather garden, and an entire section for children to have fun. Sculptures are placed all through the garden and there’s a tea room spreading onto a terrace that overlooks the manicured lawns.

Grand Manan Island

The Grand Manan Island is a small fishing community located at the mouth of Bay of Fundy and is only accessible by ferry from Black Harbor. The Island is also a popular spot for whale-watching. There are various studios and galleries scattered around the island, it is said that artist find inspiration from the lighthouses, rugged cliffs and fishing villages.

Cape Enrage Lighthouse

Brunswick Newcomers should check out this place when visiting New Brunswick. This lighthouse dates back to 1838, it is a tiny lighthouse sitting at the top of the rugged cliffs at Cape Enrage. Falling fossils in the layers of sedimentary rocks are about 320 million years old.

What should Brunswick Newcomers Expect?

Just as living anywhere in the world has its pros and cons, so does living in New Brunswick. If you have plans of immigrating to Canada, New Brunswick precisely, Below are factors to take note of.

Cost of housing

Accommodation in New Brunswick is quite affordable when compared to other Canadian Provinces. With as little as $40,000 you can buy a small house. The low cost of housing makes it a welcoming province for newcomers.

Friendly citizens

The province of New Brunswick is known for having friendly citizens. This is probably due to small nature of the province making easier to achieve a detailed community.

The stress of making new friends and getting used to new neighbors is on of the many reasons that give people cold feet when relocating, in New Brunswick you won’t need to go through any of that as its citizens are very welcoming.

Beautiful Environment

if you are a lover of nature and you love the outdoors then you are in the right place. You will never be bored as the environment is alive with various activities from hiking and camping to whale-watching and fishing.

However, the cons of living in New Brunswick includes the high rate of unemployment, the really cold weather, and the fact that you might have to be fluent in both French and English to get by as they are the official languages of the province.

Nevertheless, the Province of New Brunswick is really the place to be in terms of affordability and beautiful outdoor life.

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